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Instrument Name EUR/GBP
Spreads 0.0000844 Points
Trading Hours 24 hours/day*
Guaranteed Order Min Distance 0.50 %
The relationship between the Euro and GBP currency pair reflects the relative strength of the British and Eurozone economies. Any EUR/GBP forecast needs to take into consideration important forex signals for both currencies. While both currencies are usually traded against the USD, for some traders of forex, EUR/GBP is still an important currency pair reflecting commercial ties between these two trading zones. A EUR/GBP live chart will track this currency pair on a second-by-second basis. But more strategic factors can also affect a CFD trade on EUR/GBP, including inflation figures, interest rates and borrowing by governments within the Eurozone currency bloc.

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Enjoy tight spreads from 0.5pts on major FX pairs