Trading UK Sector Indices

Trade 14 Sector Indices including Energy, Banking and Mining with City Index.

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What are Sector Indices

Sector Indices represent a basket of sector-related shares and provide an overview of the overall industry that they represent.

They allow you to speculate on industry-wide trends without having to take multiple equity positions in a given sector. Sector Indices also enable you to hedge your portfolio or express a directional view of a market.

With City Index you can trade UK Sector Indices as a spread bet or CFD.

How to trade UK Sector Indices

Traders most often use fundamental analysis to determine a position on each specific sector.

Sectors with higher dividend yields often become more desirable in bearish markets; while sectors with lower dividend yields tend to fare better in bullish markets.

Many traders use Sector Indices to:

  • Hedge equity positions
  • Manage risk and volatility
  • Gain exposure to large-cap equities
  • Secure a source of liquidity
  • Take a risk-reward position
How to trade UK Sector Indices
Trade UK Sector Indices with a margin of just 10%

Our UK Sector Indices

  • UK Banking


    Services and products relating to the holding of financial assets for others and investing.

    Top-weighted constituents: Standard Chartered, HSBC, Lloyds, Barclays, 3i Group

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What moves UK Sector Indices?

UK Sector Indices tend to be affected by broader market movement which affects the price of many companies. Typical examples include:

  • The performance of the shares within that index
  • Good or bad news affecting several big companies in that sector
  • Changes to interest rates

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