Performance Analytics:
Personalised Trading Insights

Track your own trading performance and uncover your most effective trading behaviours with the in-depth Performance Analytics tool from Chasing Returns.

Analyse your own trading habits, best and worst trades, best performing markets and much more.

  • Free, personalised analysis tool
  • Available on desktop and mobile
  • Review habits and performance by market, direction or time of day

What is Performance Analytics?

Performance Analytics is a brand-new tool, designed to give you insights on your trading history based on three factors: strategy, timing and psychology. Use the tool to discover strengths and weaknesses, set your own trading target and monitor your ongoing performance.

Refine your trading strategy

Discover how you could improve your win and loss rates by performing in-depth analysis of your trading history with Performance Analytics, powered by Chasing Returns.

Choose performance or time-based metrics, or monitor successful or unsuccessful positions with win rate percentages and trades by market.

Start Tracking Your Performance

Getting started with Performance Analytics

Ready to start using Performance Analytics to enhance your trading and analyse past performance? Get started by watching our Trading Edges video guides below, then log in to your City Index trading account to use the Performance Analytics tool.

Strategy Edges

Analyze your P&L, Performance, Win Ratio and more.

Timing Edges

Break down your trading performance by timeframes.

Psychology Edges

Discover how psychology affects your trading habits.

Performance Analytics FAQs

What are the requirements to access Performance Analytics?

How much does it cost?

Will I be able to use this with my demo account?

Are there any tutorials on how to use the software?

Can you access Performance Analytics via the Mobile App?

Is the information on Performance Analytics real-time or delayed?

If I have multiple accounts, will it show all my accounts aggregated or will I need to log in to each account to access Performance Analytics for that account?

Can I export the performance data from Performance Analytics?

What does it mean when it says that there are no clear positive or negative habits yet under Psychology Edges?

Why does the P&L figure I see in Performance Analytics not match the P&L in my account trade history?

Get deeper insight in to your trading with Performance Analytics