SMART Signals:
Objective. Transparent.

Get trade ideas driven by statistics – not opinions.
Our SMART Signals engine analyses dozens of major
global markets based on years of historic market data.

See how each signal has performed the last 10 times it was triggered to get transparency into their previous performance.

(Past performance is not indicative of future performance)

What are SMART Signals?

The SMART Signals engine uses a selection algorithm to automatically monitor 36 major global markets across thousands of price data points to highlight potential trading opportunities.

Once it has identified a price pattern which has been successful historically in a given market, it will then show them through the SMART Signals dashboard.

Each signal represents a short-term potential trade in a 4-, 6-, 8- or 12-hour timeframe and comes complete with an auto-populated trade ticket with suggested take profit and stop loss levels. Please note, signal trades will not automatically close at the end of the signal period, you can choose when to close them out.


SMART Signals Overview

Embrace the potential of technical analysis

Get real-time trade ideas live in-platform and trade potential recurring price patterns.

smart signals

  • Statistical. The SMART Signals engine hunts for 800+ price-action patterns – analysing 100,000s of data points each day
  • Measurable. See precisely how our signals have performed in each market over time
  • Algorithmic. Harness the power of our SMART Signals selection algorithm
  • Ready-to-trade. Each signal comes with a suggested take profit and stop loss level
  • Timeframed. See how long each signal has left to expire in-platform and receive alerts

Explore SMART Signals

Start using SMART Signals to improve the way you trade by watching our handy tutorial video below. Then simply access SMART Signals from your City Index web platform or mobile app.

SMART Signals FAQs

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Which time periods do SMART Signals cover?

What platforms are SMART Signals available on?

Are SMART Signals markets different to normal markets?

Is there any additional cost to trade SMART Signals?

Do I have to follow the suggested signal?

Can I close a SMART Signals trade early?

Are SMART Signals specifically selected for me?

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