Fast, Reliable Trade Execution

Our best execution policy means we will always deliver the fastest possible execution on all trades at City Index.

If the price moves in your favour while your order is being processed, we will execute your order at the better price.

  • Range of flexible order types available
  • Go long and short simultaneously
  • Price improvement technology

Trade execution

City Index's execution technology has been designed to give traders a competitive edge.

Trade using unrealised profits

City Index allows you to use any unrealised profits from open positions as margin for any new positions that you may wish to open. Allowing you to maximise your trading resources

Futures roll-over discount

If you wish to automatically roll over your futures trade at expiry, you will only pay half the spread. Your position will be closed at the mid-price and re-opened in the next contract at the bid/offer

Go long and short simultaneously

If you wish to hedge an existing position, you can by selecting the hedging button in the order ticket which allows you to go long and short simultaneously on the same instrument

Scale in and out of trades

Scale in and out of trades easily by adding to or closing out your trade in increments. When closing out, you can select which order to close out on a first in first out (FIFO) or non-FIFO basis

Close out level

City Index will aim to close out trades if your funds fall below 50% of your margin requirement to protect clients against negative balances. This should not be used as a stop loss

Price improvement

If the price moves in your favour while your order is being processed, City Index will execute your order at the better price, increasing your opportunity to make a profit
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Customise your trade settings

Personalise your trade settings to suit your trading style.

One-click trading mode

Increase the speed with which you trade by selecting 'One-Click Trading' mode, to make sure you don’t miss out on trading opportunities in fast moving markets. Toggle easily between one-click and two click-settings.

Adjust your price tolerance

Adjust price tolerance on a per instrument basis to increase or decrease the amount of slippage you are prepared to accept if the execution price moves away from your order level.

Order types

City Index provides a range of flexible orders so you can pre-programme the price you wish to enter and exit a market.

Stop loss orders

A stop loss can be used to automatically close a trade to limit your losses in case a market moves against you

Limit orders

A limit order can be automatically set to close a trade at a better price than the current available price for a profit

Stop and limit entry orders

Stops and limits can be also used to enter the market when the market hits a specific price level selected by you

One cancels other (OCO)

An OCO allows you to set a stop and a limit order simultaneously. When either order is hit, the unfilled order will be automatically cancelled

Guaranteed stop loss orders

Guaranteed stop loss orders guarantee your specified level of execution, regardless of any gapping in the market. They incur a small premium

Trailing stops

This is a stop order that trails the current market price by a specific number of points to help you minimise losses without limiting potential gains
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